Main Markets Summary – 03 Jun 2011 – General Sell-off

All main equity markets are now below the short term moving averages. Eurozone is still getting some traction from the bailout, and is showing a good performance.

Tech is still sticking out for its broad underperformance : NASDAQ, the SP Technology and Internet companies are all showing among the worst short term returns.

Relative strength

Here is a quick list of the sectors and countries that are showing relative strength in this sell-off

Sectors : Consumer Staples, Energy, Healthcare, utilities, F&B, Agribusiness

Countries : Switzerland, Ireland, Sweden, France, Austria, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Colombia, Chile, Poland, Egypt

Bonds : Doing good, except Junk bonds & Preferred shares, that now are under short term MAs

Commodities : Gas, Gold, Grains, Sugar, Platinum are showing strength. Grains and gold have a solid long term strength.

US Indexes, Equity Sectors (US & Int.), Commodities Int. Equity Indexes, Real Estate, Bonds
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2 Responses to Main Markets Summary – 03 Jun 2011 – General Sell-off

  1. xinrong says:

    Can you give some explanation on the bullishness of Int and Em. Government bond market this year?

  2. It’s mostly a FX effect.

    International Bonds : Mostly Japanese and Euro bonds. These two currencies have rallied approx. 20% since one year, matching the performance of the index.

    Emerging Bonds : I don’t have time to check every single issue, but i guess it’s also mostly FX, as major components of the emerging bonds index are brazil / latin america / emerging asia, and most of these currencies have recently performed well against the USD .

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