Main Markets Summary–7 June 2011 – Bernanke speech shakeout

Summary of the Bernanke speech : The economy is weak, the fed will continue to accommodate, inflation is temporary, no QE3. The confirmation of no QE3 is widely thought to be behind the market sell-off.

In a nutshell

US indexes and all sectors are now under the 50 days moving average except utilities & healthcare. Financials are still the weakest link. Wind & Solar sectors are showing a surprisingly strong performance. Food and industrial commodities registered moderate gains

Europe overall had a pretty good day, with Spain, Sweden as well as Poland and emerging Europe. In emerging Asia, Vietnam had a strong day – might finally be bottoming. Bonds have had a decent but not outstanding day.

Technical Ranks

Top 3: Gold, Poland, Colombia

Bottom 3 : Nickel, Livestock, Cocoa


US Indexes, Equity Sectors (US & Int.), Commodities Int. Equity Indexes, Real Estate, Bonds
Click for the snapshot
Click for the snapshot

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