This is a capital markets blog with two objectives : give insight and provide practical tools .

1. Macro analysis (surprisingly). I write about current topics, hopefuly in a clear and structured way, including or not investment impacts . My main purpose is to cut through layers of fluff, and to direct you to the core of the subject.

2. Investment Tools with an imediate practical use, allowing you to quickly grasp the market (market snapshot), help your market timing (asset allocation model & key ratios), or company focused valuation scorecards

I try to keep my writing as accessible as the topic allows. I do use the occasional flowery sentence, but tries to limit it as much as possible, in an attempt to favor clarity of the thought process over style and corporate lingo. On the other hand the tools probably require some knowledge / experience to provide value.

This index page is an attempt to keep an organised and centralized list of the articles i consider significant. Blogs are fantastic tools and are extremely convenient to use for the publisher, but important information has a tendencay to get buried. If this is your first visit here, i suggest you to have a look there first.

Who am I

I’m Nicolas Paris, and i’ve been avidly following global markets for a couple of years (since october 07 to be precise). I’ve recently spent a year at IE in Madrid in their master in advanced finance program, which gave a more formal grounding to my understanding of finance.

I’m reading broadly about finance and investments – books, articles, daily comments – and i feel that i now have accumulated enough to start producing and proposing my own analysis and tools.

How to contact me

I can be contacted either by email et ni.paris at gmail.com. You can also get a hold on me through LNKD

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